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Creating a customer-centric culture: Insights from PiggyVest's customer support approach

Adebukola Ajayi
June 16, 2023

Piggyvest is centered around one thing - making customers happy.

PiggyVest, a leading fintech company in Nigeria, has become a shining example of delivering outstanding customer support for other fintech companies. They have not only mastered the art of meeting customer needs but have also created a culture that genuinely cares about their customers. 

We had the privilege of speaking with Bukola Willoby, the head of customer success at PiggyTech, and she provided valuable insights into the significance of delivering exceptional customer support within the B2C industry. 

Bukola Willoby has been an integral part of the company for over four years. PiggyTech is the parent company of PiggyVest, Pocket, and Patronize in Nigeria, operating at the intersection of finance and technology, and their primary goal is to give everyone the power to better manage their finances and empower millennials to take control of their finances effectively.

As the bridge between support, product, engineering, and other cross-functional teams, Bukola ensures seamless coordination and collaboration across teams. Her responsibility lies in ensuring that the product aligns with customer expectations and functions optimally, addressing any issues that may arise. By sharing their story, we hope to inspire and guide other B2C startup companies looking to enhance their customer support efforts.

Understanding PiggyVest's customer support approach.

PiggyVest recently celebrated an important milestone of being in operation for 7 years. Over the years, many customers have expressed their happiness and admiration for PiggyVest on social media organically. Curious as to how they achieved this?

The positive feedback from customers demonstrates the excellent service and positive impact PiggyVest has had so far. Bukola Willoby commended the co-founders for establishing this culture and emphasized their commitment to hiring talented individuals, who can prioritize providing the utmost value to customers.

At PiggyVest, they don't rely on automated or robotic responses, instead, they take a personal approach to every customer interaction, making sure each customer feels special, regardless of any issues they might have.

Bukola Willoby emphasized that “what works for Adebukola might not work for Oluwabukola” hence the need to tailor their responses to meet each unique individual need. 

Building a customer-centric culture like Piggyvest.

Creating a customer-centric culture is vital for exceptional customer support and long-term customer loyalty. Here’s how Piggyvest  prioritizes its customers and fosters a customer-focused approach:

Putting customers at the center.

PiggyVest prioritizes meeting customer needs and preferences as the foundation for building strong relationships and fostering loyalty. Every aspect of their operations, from strategies to products and services, is carefully crafted with the customer at the forefront.

PiggyVest's commitment to customer-centricity goes beyond mere words. They actively engage with their customers, seeking feedback to understand their experience. As part of their community initiatives, PiggyVest embarked on a meaningful endeavor last year Christmas, giving food supplies and shopping vouchers to people. 

On international women’s day, they reached out to women and gave them money as a way to celebrate them, and during the ASUU strike, they sponsored 50 students to the Nexford University program. On Children's Day, they also visited Meadow Hall Education, where they spent time teaching kids about the basics of savings and investments.

PiggyVest firmly believes that educating children about financial literacy from an early age lays the foundation for raising a generation of financially-savvy individuals and these actions exemplify PiggyVest's dedication to creating a positive impact in their community and ensuring that customers feel valued and supported.

Piggyvest customer centric

Empowering customer support teams.

One of the ways PiggyVest prioritizes customer success is by providing continuous learning and development programs for their support team. These initiatives ensure that team members have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

PiggyVest has a comprehensive onboarding process for new hires, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing any anxieties about fitting in or catching up to more experienced colleagues.

The customer success team at PiggyVest operates within a collaborative environment where there is open communication which allows for seamless problem-solving and encourages personal & professional growth. 

It is noteworthy that Piggyvest's commitment to customer success goes beyond the customer support department, as every department within the company sees itself as being customer-centered and recognizes that its collective effort contributes to delivering a superior customer experience. 

The dedication and investment that Piggyvest puts into its customer success unit set them apart from other companies. Their commitment to the welfare of their employees, continuous learning, comprehensive onboarding, and fostering a customer-centric culture throughout the organization demonstrate their unwavering focus on providing exceptional customer support.

Key metrics for monitoring customer success.

Piggyvest understands the importance of tracking key metrics to measure customer satisfaction and ensure efficient service delivery. One of the fundamental metrics Piggyvest utilizes is the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), which enables them to understand how customers perceive their service and the overall experience. 

In addition to CSAT, they closely monitor peak periods, and identifying these high-demand periods allows them to allocate resources accordingly and proactively provide faster service. By avoiding delays in responding to customer inquiries, Piggyvest aims to prevent dissatisfaction and minimize churn rates.

Another metric of great importance to Piggyvest is the response and resolution time. This metric not only helps evaluate the team's performance as a whole but also provides insights into individual team member's strengths and areas for improvement. Bukola Willoby stated that by monitoring individual performance, they foster a collaborative environment and ensure that every team member contributes effectively to the overall success of the department.

It is worth noting that these metrics are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Each metric serves a specific purpose in assessing and enhancing customer support. By diligently tracking and analyzing these metrics, PiggyVest can make informed decisions, refine its support strategies, and continually improve the customer experience.

Proactive customer engagement: Going the extra mile.

Empathy is a key value embraced by Bukola Willoby and the entire team at Piggyvest. Before responding to customer complaints, they strive to put themselves in the customer's shoes and this understanding allows them to tailor their responses to effectively address the complaint.  If an immediate resolution is not possible, the team ensures that the customer receives the necessary support, including escalation and follow-up, keeping them informed throughout the process.

Piggyvest leverages various internal tools for seamless communication within departments. These tools facilitate surveys, data analysis, resolution, and personalization. While embracing technological innovations, they emphasize the importance of infusing their personal touch into every interaction.

By proactively engaging with customers, providing empathetic responses, and leveraging technology to enhance their support processes, PiggyVest ensures that customers receive exceptional service.

The interplay of learning about new features and providing customer support.

In the world of startups, Bukola Willoby highlights a fascinating connection between introducing new product features, staying informed about financial news, updates from the government, and the crucial task of educating customers with the right information. 

This correlation is particularly noteworthy as it showcases the delicate balance between product innovation and keeping customers well-informed about any external factors impacting their financial journey. Bukola Willoby, the head of customer success at Piggy Tech, highlights an insightful example to demonstrate this interconnection.

Imagine a scenario where the government releases a new policy, and a customer contacts PiggyVest to inquire about its implications. However, the support team may not have been aware of the policy change within the first five minutes. In such cases, customers may expect immediate responses and be hesitant to wait or be transferred to another representative. This is where the agility and quick thinking of the support rep comes into play.

The team at Piggyvest excels at managing difficult situations and thinking on their feet. It is essential to emphasize the safety of customers' funds, especially in an environment where trust in financial institutions is paramount. Explaining the situation and building the customer’s trust requires patience, transparency, and a commitment to go above and beyond in meeting the customer’s expectations.

Managing social media complaints: educating and engaging customers.

When it comes to managing social media complaints for a startup company, Piggyvest understands the importance of addressing both negative and positive feedback. They proactively educate their customers, ensuring that misinformation or fake news doesn't spread unchecked.

Piggyvest prioritizes educating its customers, even on topics unrelated to its core services. When false rumors or fake news surface, they take the opportunity to provide accurate information and clarify any misconceptions. This commitment to transparency helps build trust with its audience and ensures that customers have access to reliable information.

However, the company recognizes that some individuals may not fully understand how to differentiate between authentic and fake accounts. They acknowledge the presence of fake accounts and the potential for customers to direct their complaints to these accounts instead of the official channels. To address this issue, Piggyvest continues to educate its customers, emphasizing the importance of engaging with their verified accounts (PiggyBankNG) only and directing all complaints to the appropriate channels.

Piggyvest customer

The aspect of educating customers on how to use a product.

One crucial aspect of PiggyVest's customer-centric approach is the emphasis on educating its customers, Bukola Willoby stated. It goes beyond simply introducing them to the product; PiggyVest believes in empowering customers with financial literacy and knowledge.

To achieve this, PiggyVest employs various educational channels. One effective method is leveraging social media platforms to regularly share educational content. By doing so, they ensure a consistent flow of valuable information for their customers. 

Additionally, targeted emails are sent when necessary, recognizing the importance of not overwhelming customers with excessive emails that might be perceived as spam. They also value direct communication with their customers and reach out via calls to seek feedback and areas of improvement.

The practice of customer education and engagement contributes significantly to the overall customer service experience. PiggyVest recognizes that educating customers equips them with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about their finances. This approach not only builds trust but also enhances the customers' ability to maximize the benefits of PiggyVest's services.

Bukola Willoby stated that the customer-centric approach has numerous benefits that go beyond the typical metrics of success. She highlighted that when your customers truly believe in your brand and feel a strong connection with your company, they become brand ambassadors and advocates. They willingly share their positive experiences with others, spreading the word about your business without any solicitation.

At PiggyVest, they have witnessed this multiple times, with customers going out of their way to create jingles, YouTube channels, and social media posts to express their satisfaction with their services. She further stated that it's truly humbling to see the level of trust and loyalty customers have in the brand and the fact that these customers voluntarily educate others about PiggyVest demonstrates the power of great service.

This organic form of marketing is incredibly valuable because when customers trust your brand and have positive experiences, they become enthusiastic supporters who can influence potential customers. This means you don't have to rely solely on paid marketing efforts. Instead, word-of-mouth becomes a powerful tool for expanding your customer base.

Piggyvest Pocket

Advice for other B2C businesses.

When it comes to customer-centricity, Bukola Willoby advised other B2C companies to choose metrics that align with their goals and focus on improving them. She highlighted that being customer-centric is crucial, not only for your external customers but also for the internal team. Take care of your staff and ensure they are passionate about your brand. They are your first customers, and if they're not enthusiastic, it's a sign that something needs to change.

Clear communication is another essential aspect. Clearly communicate what you're building, your expectations from the team, and your individual responsibilities. This kind of feedback and communication creates a sense of purpose and drives everyone toward a common goal. 

Lastly, she highlighted the importance of investing in your support team and ensuring they feel valued. By investing in their growth, providing them with the necessary tools and resources, and acknowledging their contributions, you not only create a supportive and empowering team but also enhance the overall quality of customer support provided by your business. 

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