Unlock the power of customer retention with Simpu.

With Simpu, you can provide exceptional customer service that fosters loyalty and drives repeat business. Engage with your customers on their preferred channels, from chat to email to text, all in one place. Don't just acquire customers, retain them with Simpu.

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Say goodbye to communication chaos with Simpu.

Manage your messages in one inbox.

Receive messages from all your favorite communication channels in one place. Your team can easily collaborate and share ideas before sending the best response to your customer.

Have all your customer details in one place.

Organize customer information from various sources - like custom apps, Excel sheets, CSV files, and Google Sheets - into one place. Sort customers into specific groups with the help of smart lists for more effective customer communication.

Send campaigns that convert.

Create eye-catching SMS and email campaigns using stylish templates. Schedule, automate, and keep an eye on the performance of your newsletters.

Connect to smart regulated APIs.

Use regulated APIs to power SMS and WhatsApp OTPs. You can easily automate transactional SMS and emails. Simpu's detailed logs keep track of sent and verified OTPs and campaigns.


Scale and grow faster with Simpu.

Accelerate your business growth with Simpu's unified customer communication platform. Streamline your processes, save time, and scale with confidence.

Select which notifications you want to receive and specify the preferred delivery method, either via email or desktop.

Define your business hours and notify customers when they try to reach you outside of those hours.

Use automation to answer common customer inquiries immediately.


Double your conversion rate with Simpu.

Establish a connection with your customers at the early stage of your business.

Personalize your messages and send SMS and email campaigns to your customers.

Track the success of your campaigns and learn how to make them better.

Connect with your customers by sending special offers, promotional messages, and follow-up messages.


Work together with your team effortlessly.

Use a transparent dashboard to help the team stay up to date on everyone’s roles. 

Assign ongoing conversations to your team members.

Talk to your team during a customer chat with internal comments - you don't have to leave the conversation.

Monitor how your teammates are performing using the review link sent to customers when a conversation is closed.


Use tools to your advantage.

Streamline your customer service with automated processes.  By using metrics such as busiest times, average response and resolution time  to develop a strategy that helps grow your business.

Track time spent on individual tasks.

Create custom reports with the specific data you want to view.

Assign tasks quickly and more efficiently

data security

We keep your customer data secured.

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