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Monitor your support team's performance to easily identify areas for improvement and deliver exceptional customer service with Simpu.

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Evaluate your support agent's performance effortlessly.

Gather customer feedback after each conversation to gauge their satisfaction with your customer support agent.

Choose which teammates' customer satisfaction score you want to view.

Discover the channels where your teammates' thrive.

Discover your star support agent with ease.

Discover the key metrics that matter and optimize your team's performance. With Simpu, managers can recognize top performers and identify areas for improvement in their team's support quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Simpu CSAT Review work?
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Simpu's CSAT Review helps businesses collect feedback from customers about their interaction with a support agent after the conversation has ended.

Why should I use Simpu's CSAT Review?
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You get valuable insights into the performance of your support team, including areas where they excel and where they could improve. This information can then be used to take actionable steps to improve the overall quality of your support services.

How do I enable Simpu's CSAT Review?
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Enabling Simpu's Reviews is easy. You can sign up for a free trial and then follow the instructions provided to set up your review system.

Can I track the performance of each support agent with Simpu's CSAT Reviews?
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Simpu provides detailed performance reports that allow your managers to track the performance of their support agents based on feedback from customers.

Can I customize the survey questions in Simpu's CSAT Reviews?
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Yes, Simpu's Reviews allows you to customize the survey questions to better fit your business needs.

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