Drive growth with high-performing SMS campaigns.

Keep in touch with your customers throughout their entire journey by sending post-transactional, promotional, and personalized SMS messages.

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Achieve 99% open rate for all campaigns.


Easily schedule your SMS campaigns to be sent at the right time. Promote new offerings, sales, discounts on your product and services to customers.


Send automated SMS messages when customers take specific actions like signing up or making a purchase.


Create a unique link to monitor the success of your SMS campaigns and get deep insight into your customers' behavior.

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Get personal with your customers.

Make your messages feel more personal by using customer information such as their name, company, or location.

Spend your money on the right people.

Boost your business by targeting specific groups or audiences with SMS messages - Get more leads and engagement today!

Send SMS campaigns tailored to each customer.

Provide a more personalized experience for each customer and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Tailor your SMS campaigns to be specific to each customer.

Segment audiences and send campaigns based on past conversations.

Make your SMS campaigns more personal by incorporating personalized elements such as names to the messages.

Stay on top of your SMS marketing efforts.

Effortlessly track the performance of your SMS campaigns and identify areas for improvement to maximize your return on investment.

Easily monitor your SMS campaign expenses.

Track the success of your SMS campaigns over a specific period of time.

Select the columns you want to view in the report for a customized data experience.

Drive 2x better conversion rate with Simpu.


Make use of the simple drag and drop builder to create campaigns with beautiful templates.  No code is needed.


Maximize engagement with our send time optimization feature. It uses precise data to determine the ideal time to send messages.

Sender ID

Enhance the way your brand is perceived by selecting a consistent sender ID for all SMS messages you send to your recipient.


Simpu provides excellent deliverability that makes sure your customers receive every message you send them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Simpu's SMS Marketing?
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Simpu's SMS Marketing is a mobile marketing tool that allows businesses to send targeted text message campaigns to customers for promoting products or services.

Why choose Simpu for SMS Marketing?
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Simpu's SMS Marketing enables personalized messaging to keep customers informed and engaged, improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Can I target specific customers with SMS Marketing using Simpu?
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Yes, Simpu's SMS Marketing provides the ability to segment customer data, enabling businesses to target specific groups of customers with their campaigns.

Can I monitor the performance of my SMS Marketing campaigns with Simpu?
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Yes, Simpu offers comprehensive performance reports that track the delivery, open, and click-through rates of SMS marketing campaigns.

Is it possible to schedule SMS Marketing campaigns in advance with Simpu?
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Yes, Simpu's SMS Marketing allows scheduling campaigns in advance to be sent at a specific date and time.

How to create an SMS Marketing campaign using Simpu?
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Creating an SMS marketing campaign with Simpu is simple. Sign up for free, top up your campaign credits, and use of our pre-existing templates to easily launch your campaigns.

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