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See all your conversations at a glance.View your Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Live Chat, Gmail & more in one shared inbox.


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Keep your customers supported 24/7 and let your support team tackle more important customer issues with Simpu.  

Let your customers know your availability with set business hours.

Share neccessary documents with your customers and add a personal touch to your messages using emojis.

Save time with automated answers to common customer questions.

Collaborate with your team more effectively.

Make your support team work easier with Simpu by bringing customer inquiries to a centralized, organized shared inbox for team collaboration.

Adjust team access and permissions to the shared inbox by adding or removing members.

Work with your team in real-time during customer interactions without leaving the chat.

Assign conversations to your team and update the status of a conversation in seconds.

Get valuable insights into your team's productivity

Track and measure your team's response time, conversation processing time, and more with detailed analytics for better productivity.

Monitor key performance indicators to ensure your team is meeting goals and targets

Leverage analytics to make data-driven decisions and improve team efficiency

Save time with automated answers to common customer questions.

Connect with your customers on all channels.

Use automated responses to provide prompt support to your customers when they reach out.

Start conversations with your customers in real-time using Simpu's live chat.

Take note of additional information provided by your customers and easily share it with the team.

Improve your customer experience with key metrics -  conversation processing time and conversation interaction time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer you're looking for isn't here, send us your questions and we'll be happy to answer them.

What is Simpu's shared inbox?

Simpu's shared inbox is a single platform for managing all your communication channels, enabling efficient collaboration on customer support inquiries.

Why use Simpu's shared inbox?

Simpu's shared inbox allows your customer service or support team to handle customer issues quickly by enabling real-time collaboration and faster, more efficient responses.

Does Simpu offer a free trial for the shared inbox?

Yes, you can try Simpu's shared inbox for 14 days before deciding on a subscription plan.

How do I set up Simpu's shared inbox?

Setting up Simpu's shared inbox is easy. You can sign up for a free trial and then follow the simple setup instructions provided.

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