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Why does Gen Z demand exceptional customer support (+ their personal experiences)?

Adebukola Ajayi
May 8, 2023

We conducted a comprehensive research study to delve into the findings of our survey, focusing on how businesses can adapt to cater to the needs of the dynamic and demanding Gen Z demographic. We've summarized our key discoveries below, and you can access the full research document for more details.

Our study explored the evolving landscape of customer service and how it has been transformed by the rise of Gen Z consumers. This generation, shaped by a world of pervasive technology and instant gratification, has redefined expectations for customer support. Previously considered a routine aspect of business, customer service has now become a pivotal factor in fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

The rise of self-service options is a prominent feature of Gen Z's interactions with customer support. An impressive 60% of Gen Z respondents indicated a preference for resolving their own issues using self-service tools like FAQs or knowledge bases before reaching out to a customer service representative. Consequently, businesses have embraced technologies like chatbots and other engagement tools to meet the demands of this tech-savvy cohort.

Gen Z's impact on the customer service industry is extensive. From the proliferation of self-service solutions to the increased utilization of social media for customer support, businesses must adapt their strategies to align with the evolving preferences of this demographic.

You can download the full research document here

How do you prefer to contact customer support

Key findings

  1. Gen Z's expectations: Gen Z's expectations for customer service are distinct from previous generations. They prioritize speed, convenience, personalization, and quality in their support interactions.
  2. Rapid response: A remarkable 56.5% of Gen Z respondents anticipate receiving a customer service response within 24 hours, with 26.1% expecting a reply within just a few hours.
  3. Multichannel availability: Gen Z expects customer service availability across various channels, including social media, email, chat, and phone. 56.5% prefer using email for support, while 13% favor social media.
  4. Personalization matters: 72% of Gen Z respondents are more likely to be loyal to brands that offer personalized customer service experiences.
  5. Future trends: The survey identified two crucial technological trends shaping the future of customer service—chatbots and customer engagement platforms.
  6. Chatbot adoption: 30.4% of Gen Z customers are inclined to use chatbots for contacting customer support, signaling growing acceptance and anticipation of this technology.
  7. Engagement platforms: Customer engagement platforms that streamline interactions across various channels are gaining traction. Businesses can meet the preferences of the 56.5% of Gen Z who prefer immediate responses through these platforms.
Genz share their memorable customer support moments

To succeed in the realm of Gen Z customer service, companies must embrace technology and anticipate their needs. The research highlights the pivotal role of chatbots and customer engagement platforms in delivering faster, personalized, and convenient support experiences.

In conclusion, Gen Z's influence on customer service is undeniable. Their digital upbringing has shaped their expectations for promptness, personalization, and efficiency. Businesses that can adapt to these demands and employ innovative technologies will foster stronger connections and loyalty among Gen Z consumers.

For a comprehensive understanding of our research findings and insights, you can download the full research document here. If you're prepared to meet the unique expectations of Gen Z consumers, sign up for our 14-day free trial and commence your journey today.

Adebukola Ajayi

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