How Earnipay achieved an 80% CSAT score after switching from Freshdesk to Simpu

"The CSAT rating link sent at the end of a conversation has been a significant help because we don't always have the opportunity to conduct our own CSAT survey regularly. Our usual practice is to conduct it once every quarter, but with the CSAT rating sent to customers, we can track customer satisfaction more promptly."
Chidera Okolie
CX - Product Success at Earnipay

Challenge: The Earnipay support team faced a pressing challenge when they realized the need to transition to a customer experience software solution equipped with a responsive support team. Their previous platform, Freshdesk, fell short in terms of prompt issue resolution and cost-effectiveness. 

Solution: With Simpu, Earnipay seamlessly consolidated all support activities into a single, unified tool. Simpu's shared inbox product acted as the driving force behind doubling their overall productivity. It enhanced Earnipay's efficiency in tracking customer satisfaction scores, resulting in an impressive customer satisfaction score of 80%. The Earnipay team particularly highlighted the pivotal role played by Inioluwa Akinyemi and Abimbola Sholola, members of Simpu's support team, in promptly resolving any support-related issues.

Earnipay is a B2B financial wellness company that helps companies ensure their employees have timely access to their salaries, thereby fostering financial stability. Additionally, it enables individuals to save a portion of their income before the month's end. 

In essence, Earnipay offers companies a means to enhance their employee benefits and organizational offerings, fostering financial well-being within their workforce.

The challenge Earnipay’s support team faced.

Simpu was brought in to streamline customer interactions for Earnipay. Initially, Earnipay's customer support team relied on Freshdesk to manage their support interactions across various channels. However, as the company expanded and customer interactions grew, they increasingly needed support from the Freshdesk team to address issues with their service. 

Consequently, when the CEO of Earnipay engaged in a discussion with the customer success lead about adopting Simpu as their support tool, she was eager to find out whether Simpu's support team could resolve her ongoing concerns with Freshdesk. It had become evident that it was time to invest in a robust customer support tool that not only met their needs but also provided a responsive support team. 

The Simpu solution for Earnipay’s support team.

Earnipay had three key reasons behind their choice of Simpu:

  1. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  2. Affordability that aligned with their team's budget.
  3. The ease of reaching out to Simpu's support team for assistance.

When asked about their frequency of using Simpu, Chichi confidently stated, “That’s our software now, we are going to use it every time we want to handle a support interaction." Despite the initial absence of certain features they required, Earnipay was pleased to find that they could request these features during the onboarding process.

When it comes to cost savings, Simpu stands out as a fair and competitive option. We conducted thorough comparisons with several alternatives in the market.

One notable advantage is that our base plan includes three seats, surpassing what other tools offer at a similar price point. Even though we currently have just two support members, Simpu demonstrated flexibility by adjusting the pricing plan to accommodate our needs when we transitioned to the Pro plan upon joining, underscoring Simpu’s commitment to meeting our requirements.

Notably, Simpu's team successfully implemented several of these requested features, including Bulk Resolve, Signature, and Conversation Trail functionalities.

You can check out our pricing plan here.

“That’s our software now, we are going to use it every time we handle a support interaction"

Earnipay’s favorite Simpu features.

1. Tags

During our discussion with Nifemi and Chichi, integral members of Earnipay's support team, they expressed their deep appreciation for the versatility of Simpu's tagging feature. Tags assume a central role in their daily operations, facilitating the analysis of support interactions and creating extensive team reports.

These tags empower the team to gain profound analytical insights into their support interactions, especially when they are required to perform reconciliation tasks. This valuable data gotten from Simpu’s Shared Inbox sheds light on the specific types of customer complaints that received the most attention and resolution during the week. 

In essence, tags provide a transparent view of the support team's accomplishments and areas in need of further enhancement.

Earnipay’s team thoughts on the recent enhancement of Simpu Tags feature.

Earnipay's team particularly finds the recent enhancement of our tags feature at a big advantage to them. The ability to create tags for multiple conversations simultaneously. This functionality simplifies the tagging process, eliminating the need to tag each conversation individually. This enhancement aligns seamlessly with Simpu's commitment to efficiency and user-friendliness, further enhancing Earnipay's support operations.

2. Canned responses

Canned responses have earned a special place in Earnipay's support team's toolkit. This feature is highly valued for its time-saving capabilities, allowing them to address customer queries efficiently. However, the team acknowledges that there's a fine line between efficiency and personalization. 

While it's a powerful tool, there's the occasional risk of sounding robotic. To mitigate this, Earnipay's support professionals continuously refine and customize canned responses, striving to deliver a more personalized and engaging experience for customers.

3. CSAT reviews

Simpu has greatly enhanced Earnipay's capacity to monitor their customer satisfaction score (CSAT). The introduction of the CSAT rating request link, deployed to customers as soon as a support conversation wraps up, has brought a transformative change to their feedback collection process.

Earnipay now can promptly assess customer satisfaction, doing away with the necessity of waiting for the conventional feedback from dispersal. This real-time insight into customer sentiment enhances their responsiveness and allows for swift adjustments based on customer feedback. Since adopting Simpu's inbox solution for managing, tracking, and measuring customer interactions, Earnipay has achieved an impressive customer satisfaction score of 80%.

Now, the implementation of Simpu into Earnipay’s support process will continue to help them grow their customer satisfaction score and also help them build even stronger customer relationships.

Earnipay leveraged Simpu's Shared Inbox and CSAT Reviews to accomplish their support objectives and attain an impressive customer satisfaction score.

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Earnipay is a financial wellness company that helps companies ensure their employees have timely access to their salaries.

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