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We are back outside: Simpu’s first business trip to Abuja in 2023

Adebukola Ajayi
June 8, 2023

Simpu visited Abuja! And as you can imagine, there was a lot of preparation involved. They had to catch flights, meet people, and even swing golf clubs. So, we decided to talk to Bolaji Anifowose, our Product Marketing lead who organized the entire trip, to give us a sneak peek behind the scenes! We hope this information will be useful for you when you're heading to Abuja for work.

Simpu seized an incredible opportunity to embark on a noteworthy trip: raising awareness for the HIV vaccine. Our enthusiastic participation in the esteemed Golf Gators event, spanning two days, showcased not only our dedication to community outreach but also our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Find out how we were able to navigate the bustling streets of Abuja during the Nigerian presidential elections, all while making preparations to network with other businesses and play a fun game of golf together.

We also made a detour to indulge in a necessary and intriguing shopping experience. Can you take a guess as to what we purchased? Let's drop a hint – it starts with a "K" and hides an "S" somewhere within its name.

Arriving in Abuja.

Our journey began on a promising note with a smooth and hassle-free airport experience. The process of checking in our luggage and boarding the flight was seamless, ensuring a stress-free start to our adventure. However, upon reaching Abuja, we encountered a slight delay that tested our patience.

Waiting to board plane at Abuja airport

The wait for our luggage felt never-ending, with each passing moment intensifying our hunger and making time seem to drag on indefinitely. However, our patience was rewarded when our precious bags arrived, and we swiftly made our way through baggage claim. We were eager to move forward and arrange transportation to our hotel.

Abuja airport car park

Little did we anticipate the unforeseen challenge that awaited us during this seemingly simple task. Our attempts to secure transportation turned into an annoying ordeal as several drivers canceled on us, insisting on cash payments. As a business trip, we are required to make use of our company's Bolt account, which unfortunately clashed with the drivers' preferences.

Do you see how this might have been an issue? After enduring the disappointment of five consecutive cancellations, a glimmer of hope appeared when we finally managed to secure a ride with someone who understood our requirements. It was a moment of relief and celebration – a resounding "Yay!" echoed through our team.

Reflecting on this experience, we advise you to consider keeping some cash handy for situations like these in the future.

In Abuja.

Arriving at our hotel earlier than the designated check-in time, we found ourselves unable to access our rooms just yet, as they were still undergoing preparations. As our stomachs began to growl again, we realized it was high time to satisfy our hunger. 

Determined to appease our appetites, we embarked on a quest to locate the nearest cafeteria, where we eagerly indulged in a satisfying breakfast.

American breakfast
It was an okay meal.

We got back to our hotel and headed to our rooms to rest before the networking event.

Day 1 - Networking event.

After enjoying ample rest and satisfying our hunger, we arrived at the splendid destination of Duna Dura.

Golf Gators networking event

We had the opportunity to chat with many friendly members of other companies, enjoying drinks together while sharing ideas and laughter.

Networking and cocktails

The chairman of the Golf Gators event spoke extensively on the importance of creating awareness towards the support of clinical trials for an HIV vaccine. 

Spreading awareness about HIV Vaccine

With more than 100,000 persons are infected every year with underestimated 40,000 deaths in a year, making the advocacy for a vaccine a compelling case. 

Card exchanging

Dr. Chukwu Ujam, from the National Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDs, was present to support the golf gators because they believe it is a good opportunity to create more awareness on the subject of HIV/AIDs

NACA event program

We made a necessary stop at the well known place in Abuja, Area1 to buy Kiliishi for our team and family in Lagos.

Abuja Kilishi

Day 2 - Golf event.

Our arrival at the breathtaking IBB International Golf Club at 2 pm marked the beginning of an exciting day dedicated to the game of golf. Akinwale, our esteemed sales executive, had the honor of being invited to attend a specialized training course.

Golf Gators team playing a friendly game of Golf

As the players embarked on the 18-hole course, anticipating an approximately four-hour journey, their objective extended beyond mere competition. While striving to achieve a commendable number of strokes, their collective aim was to raise crucial awareness for a pressing issue.

The Golf Gators seized this opportunity to shed light on the urgent need for further research on the HIV vaccine. With no existing vaccine currently available, ongoing scientific trials hold immense promise for progress.

Amidst the tournament and the accompanying networking event, the players focused their efforts on advocating for investments in vaccine research. It is a cause close to their hearts, as Nigeria alone is home to approximately 2 million individuals living with HIV.

Through the Golf Gators' enthusiastic participation, an upsurge of interest in various sports and the organization of meaningful tournaments has emerged. The community is witnessing a remarkable wave of support for causes that benefit society at large.

Announcing winners of golf competition

Following the interesting competition, the event concluded on a warm and convivial note. Awards were presented, and a delightful buffet of scrumptious meals and refreshing drinks awaited everyone. 

Picture time

The atmosphere was filled with laughter as members of the Golf Gators club relished the opportunity to engage in a game they love, fostering connections and sharing lighthearted moments.

Networking and cocktail event

Day 2 of this remarkable golf event proved to be a harmonious blend of competition, advocacy, and enjoyable interactions. 

Leaving Abuja.

After the a fun day of Golf, we went back to our hotels, eager to rest and prepare for our upcoming flight the following day.

However, our travel plans experienced a slight adjustment due to the presidential inauguration taking place in Abuja, Nigeria. Thankfully, the airline promptly informed us in advance, allowing us more time to rest!

Our flight was moved due to the presidential inauguration happening in Abuja, Nigeria - this was fine because the airline notified us prior to the day of the flight. 

On the day of departure, we smoothly checked in our luggage and proceeded to wait for our flight back to Lagos. The wait turned out to be a few minutes longer than expected, as the influx of flights attending the presidential inauguration caused some delays.

Throughout our stay in Abuja, we had the privilege of engaging with remarkable individuals, forging meaningful connections beyond the realm of work. It was truly fascinating to interact with like-minded people, sharing perspectives on causes that extended beyond our professional endeavors.

Leaving abuja

Reflecting on our time spent in Abuja, we departed with a sense of fulfillment, It not only helped us achieve our business goals but also inspired us to do more for our community and make a positive impact on the world. We met wonderful people, shared ideas, and had a great time during our visit.

We realized the importance of connecting with others and working together to bring about positive change. The people of Abuja were welcoming and showed us the power of hospitality and shared passion. This trip has left a lasting impression on us.

As we return from this memorable journey, we feel a renewed sense of purpose. We are grateful for the chance to step outside our comfort zone and we look forward to the next chapter of Simpu's journey. Our focus will continue to be on excellence, innovation, and making a difference in all that we do.

Adebukola Ajayi

Content Marketing Manager, Simpu
I am a writer who loves to watch modern family and friends during my free time.

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