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Navigating customer feedback and cultivating excellence: Lessons from a viral backlash

Adebukola Ajayi
September 5, 2023

Exceptional services transcend mere transactions; businesses today must embrace a commitment to excellence that goes beyond the product itself. In an era where consumers are more discerning than ever, being exceptional isn't just a choice—it's a necessity.

For businesses of all kinds, this necessity is underscored by the need to meet heightened customer expectations and provide experiences that resonate deeply with their clientele.

Businesses, regardless of their background or ownership, play a vital role in economic expansion, cultural enrichment, and community empowerment. The advent of the internet has facilitated greater acknowledgment of numerous small enterprises, granting them the recognition they rightfully deserve.

However, for businesses to not only thrive but also set new benchmarks, they face a dual challenge. On one hand, they must contend with the same competitive landscape and demanding customer expectations as any other business.

On the other, they must navigate the complexities of customer feedback, addressing criticism constructively, and consistently improving their offerings.

Through lessons learned from a viral customer backlash story and insights, we'll uncover how businesses deliver exceptional services, inspire their communities, and leave a lasting impact on the business landscape.

It becomes evident that the pursuit of exceptional services isn't just about outshining competitors—it's about shattering preconceptions, fostering inclusivity, and driving positive change for businesses everywhere.

The viral backlash in January 2023.

In January of this year, Jordyn Woods launched her clothing line, named "Woods by Jordyn," which swiftly garnered attention. However, the launch wasn't without its challenges. 

A notable influencer, Stella Williams, who is recognized for her fashion reviews, expressed her dissatisfaction with the line in a vocal manner. Williams, who has a significant following on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, voiced her opinion on the collection.

In her candid review, Stella Williams didn't hold back. After spending $400 on pieces from Woods by Jordyn, she likened the clothing to items found in the "clearance section of Shein." 

Her frank assessment, shared in an interview with Insider, caught the attention of many. Williams elaborated that her intention was to remain loyal to her audience by providing honest feedback, rather than catering to brands for approval.

This incident escalated when Williams posted on her social media, stating, "Woods by Jordyn, count your mf days. Be soooo ffr rn. #jordynwoods." The post sparked further conversation and engagement.

Williams concluded that her critiques are rooted in safeguarding consumer interests. She acknowledged the importance of respecting new brands, particularly those led by young black women, while also holding them accountable for delivering quality products.

Jordyn Woods, the founder of the line, swiftly addressed the critique she received. Taking matters into her own hands, she engaged directly on the platform to respond to Williams' claims, leaving even her staunchest critics rather impressed.

Woods commenced by offering Williams a genuine compliment, acknowledging, "Let me start by saying, you look absolutely stunning in the dress. I genuinely think it suits you so well! Thank you for choosing our dress."

Expressing gratitude, Jordyn also extended appreciation to Williams for bringing attention to her recently launched brand, Woods by Jordyn.

Woods conveyed her receptivity to constructive feedback, stating, "I value the importance of constructive criticism. I'm committed to understanding customer insights and constantly enhancing my offerings."

However, amid the acknowledgments, Woods detected an undertone of undue severity in some of Williams' remarks. She observed, "I'd like to note that there exists a way to be both candid and genuine without resorting to disparaging others or dragging fellow influencers into it. 

Opinions are subjective until one has interacted with the material, and personally experienced it. Different people will hold different preferences, and this dynamic holds true for everything."

Woods also highlighted the swift escalation of such matters in the online realm. She recounted instances of negative comments cropping up on her Instagram posts, only for her support team to later uncover that these commenters had neither purchased nor tried on her dresses.

"This brand is built upon fostering a symbiotic journey with our customers, persistently supplying quality and inclusivity," Woods emphasized, reiterating her openness to constructive criticism aimed at refining her products. Ultimately, Woods' candid approach resonated with her audience.

"I can't recall ever witnessing a brand owner handle a negative review with such remarkable finesse," remarked one observer after viewing Woods' response. "I'm genuinely impressed."

"You've managed this situation in a way that I might not have," echoed another commentator.

Others labeled her reaction a "masterclass in transforming criticism into valuable feedback." A sentiment was shared that Woods' attitude throughout the controversy was "utterly commendable."

"Some individuals seem to hold the misconception that the initial launch must be faultless," pointed out another voice. "Continuous improvement is always attainable, especially in a fledgling business."

Williams, in the interim, posted an apology video addressing a misconception she had regarding the brand's return policy.

Lessons from how Jordyn Woods' handled a viral customer backlash.

  1. Build trust through open dialogue and acknowledgment.

In the example above, Jordyn Woods' response to customer backlash, and transparency is evident in how she directly engaged with the criticism. She acknowledged the critiques made by the customer and openly expressed appreciation for their feedback. 

Starting with a genuine compliment and acknowledging the customer's point of view, Woods demonstrated her willingness to listen and engage in an honest dialogue.

Furthermore, Woods' transparency is highlighted when she spoke about the brand's values and her commitment to quality and inclusivity. She openly acknowledged the room for improvement and the fact that not every launch will be flawless.

Woods goes further to discuss the misunderstandings that can arise online, recounting instances of negative comments from individuals who hadn't even purchased or tried her products. This transparency helps to dispel misconceptions and clarifies the reality of the situation.

Addressing the negative feedback openly and outlining her commitment to customer satisfaction, Jordyn Woods demonstrated transparency as a strategy for consistently delivering exceptional services. This approach not only helps in managing customer expectations but also reinforces the brand's authenticity and willingness to learn and improve.

  1. Prioritizing quality and innovation.

This strategy involves placing a strong emphasis on the quality of products or services offered and continually seeking ways to innovate and improve to meet or exceed customer expectations.

In the conversation about Jordyn Woods' response, we can see how this approach plays out:

When Jordyn Woods responded to the customer's criticism, she not only acknowledged the customer's positive aspects but also thanked her for purchasing the dress. This demonstrates a commitment to the quality of her product – she appreciated the customer's choice.

Moreover, Woods emphasized her openness to constructive criticism, which is an essential element of prioritizing quality and innovation. By listening to her customers and being receptive to their feedback, she showed her dedication to continuous improvement.

Innovation can also be seen in her response. Woods talked about her brand's mission to provide quality and inclusivity. This indicates that she's not only focused on the current product but is likely thinking about innovative ways to expand her offerings and make them even more appealing to her target audience.

In summary, prioritizing quality and innovation means that black-owned businesses like Woods by Jordyn are dedicated to delivering products or services that meet high standards and are open to feedback and innovation to continually enhance their offerings. 

This approach helps in building trust and long-lasting relationships with customers, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction and business success.

Jordyn Woods' response to viral backlash offers valuable insights for businesses in the digital age. Open dialogue, acknowledgment, and transparency build trust and credibility. Prioritizing quality and innovation not only addresses criticism but also fosters loyalty and success. 

In this era of heightened customer expectations, Jordyn Woods' approach exemplifies how businesses can turn feedback into a catalyst for positive change and lasting excellence.

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