2024 email and text marketing calendar with campaign suggestions.

Adebukola Ajayi
January 22, 2024

If you're here, you're probably busy putting together a great marketing plan or getting ready for a campaign.

To make your life easier, we've gathered all the important dates for 2024 in one blog post. It helps you plan for the upcoming year and figure out the dates that should be part of your marketing strategy.

Our calendar is filled with practical tips and creative ideas for each marketing holiday. It's like your secret weapon to connect with customers and increase sales using well-timed messages.

Check out our best SMS and Email campaign ideas for the important marketing dates in 2024. Let's make your marketing efforts stand out!

January 2024 Holidays.

New Year's Day (January 1st).

Send out an email or SMS blast promoting a special New Year bundle to your customers.

Send out a limited-time SMS flash sale to your subscribers, offering exclusive discounts for the first few hours of the New Year.

National Trivia Day (January 4th).

Create an interactive quiz related to your industry or products in an email. Those who participate and score well could receive special discounts or early access to upcoming products. 

Ask subscribers to respond with the correct answer to a trivia question, and those who answer correctly can be entered into a drawing for a special prize or discount code.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 15th).

Encourage subscribers to participate in a community service activity on MLK Day. Ask them to share their acts of service through text messages, and in return, provide a special code for an exclusive discount on their next purchase.

Australia Day (January 26th).

Run an email giveaway promoting an "Aussie Adventure" package. Include Australian-themed products or experiences and encourage subscribers to share the email for additional entries.

Send out SMS messages featuring special discounts on products related to Australia. Highlight the promotion as a way to celebrate Australia Day and appeal to customers' interest in unique and themed offerings.

Opposite Day (January 25th).

Celebrate this playful childhood holiday by sending a "goodnight" message in the morning along with an exclusive percentage-off discount to add a touch of whimsy to your subscribers' day.

Spouse’s Day (January 26).

Assist your SMS subscribers in expressing gratitude for their significant other by indulging in a Buy One, Get One (BOGO) offer on charming small gifts and products, creating a delightful opportunity for self-care and connection.

February 2024 Holidays.

Black History Month.

Highlight Black-owned brands consumers can support by shopping all month long. 

Groundhog Day (February 2nd).

Playfully incorporate the theme of predicting early signs into your marketing. Offer exclusive early-bird discounts for a limited time on select products or services. Encourage subscribers to "predict" their savings by making a purchase.

Valentine's Day (February 14th).

Launch a text-based contest where subscribers can share stories or photos of their most memorable Valentine's Day moments. Offer a chance to win a romantic prize or a special discount code for participating, fostering engagement and loyalty.

President's Day (February 19th).

Create a "Presidential Picks" sale featuring products or services that are customer favorites or best-sellers. Offer discounts and promotions on these selected items, tying in the theme of honoring historical figures.

Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17th).

Encourage acts of kindness by sending out SMS coupons to subscribers. These coupons could be shared with friends or strangers, promoting goodwill. Track the shared codes for a chance to win a kindness-inspired giveaway.

London Fashion Week (February 26).

Inform subscribers that our team is available to provide expert fashion advice through personalized one-on-one consultations or stylish sessions, whether in-store or online.

Leap Day (February 29th).

Drive sales with a special, time-limited promotion: enjoy a discount of 29% off or a flat $29 off on this rare, once-in-a-blue-moon occasion.

March 2024 Holidays.

Women’s History Month.

Encourage customers to honor the women in their lives with a thoughtful gift. Consider donating a portion of your sales to a women's organization all month, too. 

International Women's Day (March 8).

Empower women with special discounts, charity partnerships, or inspiring stories of female entrepreneurs. 

Pi Day (March 14).

Send out an email promoting "Sweet Savings" on your products or services, emphasizing the number 3.14. 

St. Patrick's Day (March 17).

Create an email campaign with product discounts hidden behind shamrock graphics. Encourage subscribers to click and reveal their exclusive discounts. 

First Day of Spring (March 20).

Motivate your subscribers to start their spring cleaning by sharing tips and product recommendations.

World Poetry Day (March 21).

Invite subscribers to participate in a poetry contest through email, sharing their original poems related to your brand or products. 

Los Angeles Fashion Week (March 22).

Share styling tips and inspiration inspired by the showcased runway looks, highlighting your trendiest items.

Easter (March 31).

Engage your audience with an interactive Easter Egg Hunt on your website or social media platforms. Hide virtual eggs containing exclusive discounts, promo codes, or special offers.

April 2024 Holidays.

April Fool’s Day (April 1).

Assure subscribers there are no pranks. Instead, surprise them with an email containing a joyful message and an exclusive surprise discount or gift. Follow up with an SMS alert to ensure they don't miss out.

World Health Day (April 7).

Share inspiring stories of healthcare heroes through an email series. Accompany this with an SMS challenge asking subscribers to share their wellness journeys. Offer exclusive discounts on health-related products for participants.

Siblings Day (April 10).

Propose a day of self-care for siblings. Email subscribers curated self-care tips and product suggestions for them and their siblings. 

National Gardening Day (April 14). 

Email subscribers about a gardening photo contest where they can showcase their green spaces. Send an SMS blast announcing a flash sale on gardening essentials for participants, rewarding both engagement and purchases.

World Art Day (April 15).

Organize an email art auction featuring unique pieces.

Tax Day (April 15).

Email subscribers a comforting message about tax season is over and include a special promotion offering a gift card with purchases. 

Earth Day (April 22).

Email subscribers with tips on living a more eco-friendly life.

Arbor Day (April 28).

Email subscribers with a call to action to pledge to plant a tree for every purchase. Send an SMS alerting them to the charity drive and include a special discount for those who contribute.

May 2024 Holidays

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Throughout the month, feature a series of emails highlighting different AAPI-owned businesses. Accompany this with SMS-exclusive discounts for subscribers to support and shop from these businesses.

Star Wars Day (May 4).

Introduce a compelling email promoting a flash sale with Star Wars-themed discounts. Send an SMS countdown alert, creating a sense of urgency for subscribers to seize the stellar deals before time runs out.

Cinco de Mayo (May 5).

Share an email with festive party ideas and recommended items for Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Send an SMS with a special keyword to receive a curated party pack or exclusive discounts on party essentials.

National Teacher Appreciation Day (May 5).

Provide an email gift guide featuring thoughtful presents for teachers. Accompany this with an SMS message offering a voucher code for additional savings on selected items to express appreciation.

Mother’s Day (May 12).

Send an email reminding subscribers of shipping deadlines for Mother's Day. Simultaneously, reach out via SMS to inform last-minute shoppers about Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) options or the convenience of purchasing gift cards.

Memorial Day (May 27).

Email subscribers about an exclusive 24-hour Memorial Day sale, marking the unofficial start of summer. Simultaneously, send an SMS alert granting VIP access to the sale before it opens to the public, accompanied by a holiday-themed GIF.

National Sunscreen Day (May 27).

Send an email and SMS campaign with sun care tips to promote safe sun exposure. 

National Creativity Day (May 30).

Showcase creative content from your users in an email. Simultaneously, run an SMS contest asking subscribers to share their creative expressions related to your products, offering discounts or recognition for the most inspiring entries.

June 2024 Holidays.

Pride Month.

Host a virtual Pride Parade featuring LGBTQIA+ advocates. Email subscribers an invitation to join and include exclusive SMS codes for LGBTQIA+ inclusive discounts on your products.

National Trails Day (June 1).

Celebrate National Trails Day by suggesting outdoor essentials in a campaign. 

World Bicycle Day (June 3).

Offer a curated collection of stylish cycling gear and safety equipment in an email. Accompany this with an SMS sale alert, promoting exclusive discounts to inspire eco-friendly transportation in style.

National Cheese Day (June 4).

 Embrace the playful spirit of National Cheese Day by featuring a variety of cheesy snacks in a campaign. 

Global Running Day (June 4).

Share a curated collection of running gear and fitness equipment in an email. Simultaneously, send an SMS alert about a special sale on running essentials, promoting products for pre and post-run recovery.

Best Friends Day (June 8).

Send subscribers a special BOGO offer, allowing them to choose something special for their bestie while treating themselves. Encourage them to share their love on Best Friends Day.

World Ocean Day (June 8).

Share a list of organizations your brand supports for ocean conservation in an email. Send an SMS update to subscribers, letting them know the total amount raised and how they've contributed to preserving our oceans.

Father’s Day (June 16).

Utilize Simpu’s marketing platform by reminding subscribers that your brand is just a text away for product questions, shipping support, and personalized gift recommendations for every type of dad.

Juneteenth (June 19).

Share a list of organizations your brand supports to encourage subscribers to engage in anti-racism work through volunteering and donations. 

Summer Solstice (June 20).

Celebrate the official start of summer by sending a summer-themed GIF promoting a 24-hour flash sale in an email. Simultaneously, send an SMS alert to capture subscribers' attention and drive urgency.

National Sunglasses Day (June 27).

Send subscribers an SMS highlighting your best-selling shades, including a GIF previewing each pair. 

July 2024 Holidays.

Wimbledon (July 1)

Share signature cocktail recipes for subscribers to enjoy while watching Wimbledon matches at home in an email. Simultaneously, send an SMS with quick mixology tips and a link to the email for more details.

Independence Day (July 4).

Celebrate Independence Day with a seasonal GIF in an email, highlighting a 24-hour flash sale. 

World Chocolate Day (July 7).

Entice subscribers with images of chocolate treats in an email. Send an SMS containing a link to recipes where your products are a key ingredient, encouraging them to indulge their sweet tooth.

Amazon Prime Day (July 11).

Ahead of Amazon Prime Day, send a message teasing your sale. Include a link directly to your Amazon store page in an email, allowing subscribers to add your items to their cart ahead of time. 

National Clean Beauty Day (July 15).

Remind subscribers about the benefits of your most popular clean beauty products in an email. 

World Emoji Day (July 17)

Diversify your campaign messages by telling your brand’s story using only emojis in an email or SMS campaign.

International Self-Care Day (July 24)

Help shoppers build their daily self-care routine by sharing a thoughtful guide with expert tips in a campaign.

2024 Summer Olympics (July 26)

Build community during the Olympics with a fun bracket in an email, inviting subscribers to vote for their favorite events via SMS. Create a sense of engagement and competition, fostering a connection with your brand.

National Lipstick Day (July 29)

Embrace National Lipstick Day by sharing an SMS-exclusive offer for makeup lovers to find their new favorite shade. If you offer virtual try-ons, let subscribers know how easy it is to see how different shades will look on them.

August 2024 Holidays.

Sisters Day (August 4).

Help subscribers celebrate their loved ones by highlighting your best-selling gift sets in an email. Simultaneously, send an SMS with a special promo code for them to take part in the fun, too.

International Cat Day (August 8).

Help subscribers give their feline friends the VIP treatment by sending a BOGO deal on pet toys and treats. 

National Relaxation Day (August 15)

Share items that will help subscribers achieve zen in an email, including face masks, loungewear, and home linens.

World Photography Day (August 19).

Lean into visual storytelling by featuring stunning product imagery or behind-the-scenes snaps in an email. Simultaneously, send an SMS with a sneak peek into your brand's world, engaging subscribers visually.

International Dog Day (August 26).

Help subscribers spoil their pups by bundling and saving on their favorite toys, treats, and more in a campaign.

September 2024 Holidays.

Labor Day (September 2).

Give subscribers early access to your Labor Day sale in an email, allowing them to shop their favorite items before anyone else. 

International Day of Charity (September 5).

Share a note from your founder explaining the impact of your charitable partnerships in an email campaign. 

Grandparents’ Day (September 8).

Let subscribers know about your personalization and gift-wrapping options in an email, ensuring they can surprise loved ones with thoughtful gifts.

New York Fashion Week (September 13).

Give SMS subscribers a sneak peek at your upcoming collection, from mood boards to design decisions. 

Start of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15)

Promote and support Hispanic and Latinx-owned brands by showcasing them throughout the month in your email campaigns.

Oktoberfest (September 21)

Help subscribers celebrate Oktoberfest with themed items such as glassware, apparel, and food in an email. Simultaneously, send an SMS with a link to shop the merchandise and get into the festive spirit.

International Day of Peace (September 21)

Send subscribers a recipe to try out in an email and link to the items they’ll need to enjoy their meal, from groceries to cookware and table settings. Simultaneously, send an SMS with a quick shopping link for convenience.

October 2024 Holidays.

National Coffee Day (October 1)

Offer subscribers a “perk,” like free shipping or a gift with purchase, for National Coffee Day.

National Taco Day (October 4)

Celebrate National Taco Day by sharing an offer for tacos in an email. Simultaneously, send an SMS with details on how subscribers can redeem the offer in-store or with their delivery order.

World Mental Health Day (October 10)

Encourage subscribers to prioritize their mental health in an email by sharing self-care tips, mindfulness exercises, helplines, and more. Simultaneously, send an SMS with a message of support and resources.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day (October 14)

Highlight Indigenous communities making a difference in an email and let subscribers know you’ll donate a portion of every sale to organizations supporting and celebrating their work. 

National Dessert Day (October 14).

Help subscribers indulge their sweet tooth by offering a free dessert in an email to enjoy with their next online or in-store order. If you’re not a food brand, try “treating” subscribers to sweet steals like a gift with a purchase in an SMS.

Halloween (October 31)

Share a special “treat” with your subscribers via text messaging by offering a percentage or dollar amount off to help them celebrate Halloween. 

November 2024 Holidays.


Recommend your best beard and mustache care products, promoting them as essential for Movember. Donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations supporting men’s health.

Daylight Savings Time ends (November 3).

Create a countdown email featuring seasonal product recommendations like blankets, candles, and warm clothing. Offer a special discount for subscribers to refresh their cozy essentials.

Election Day (November 5).

Remind subscribers to vote and share valuable resources in an email. Send an SMS with a quick link for checking registration status or finding polling places. 

Singles’ Day (November 11).

Remind subscribers to embrace the single life with an empowering email featuring self-care product recommendations. Include a fun GIF celebrating independence. 

Veterans Day (November 11)

Partner with a non-profit serving veterans. Honor your customers who are active or former service members by donating a percentage of sales to the organization. Showcase their stories and contributions in emails and social media.

Thanksgiving (November 28).

Thank subscribers with an exclusive offer for free shipping or a dollar-off discount they can redeem in-store. Express gratitude for their loyalty and support with a heartfelt email and SMS message.

Black Friday (November 29).

Build excitement ahead of your Black Friday sale by giving subscribers early access. Send a mysterious email with a countdown and a secret code for VIP access. Include a link to redeem the code at checkout.

Small Business Saturday (November 30)

If you’re a small business or carry products from small businesses, create a virtual gift guide. Feature popular items in an email and include a link to a landing page for easy shopping. 

December 2024 Holidays.

World AIDS Day (December 1).

Share a list of organizations your brand supports for World AIDS Day. Encourage subscribers to volunteer or make donations. Send an SMS with a quick link to learn more and take direct action.

Cyber Monday (December 2)

Ease subscribers’ holiday shopping worries with Simpu. Remind them that they can reach out via text for product recommendations, shipping questions, and 1:1 support. Highlight the convenience of personalized assistance.

Giving Tuesday (December 3).

Share the organizations and causes your brand supports on Giving Tuesday. Let subscribers know how they can give back, whether it’s purchasing items from a collaboration or donating directly.

International Volunteers Day (December 5).

Tell the stories of individuals and organizations making a difference in the world. Share how your brand is getting involved and include a link for subscribers to learn more. Use email and SMS to create awareness and inspire action.

Green Monday (December 9).

Inspire last-minute shoppers with a digital gift guide in an email, highlighting your best-selling items. Feature popular products and offer special discounts to capture attention during the Green Monday shopping rush.

National Free Shipping Day (December 14).

Remind subscribers of upcoming shipping deadlines in an email. Offer free shipping for 24 hours in an SMS message to help them get their last-minute gifts in time for the holidays.

National Cupcake Day (December 15).

Treat subscribers to free shipping or delivery on their next order in an email. Encourage them to indulge in sweet treats for National Cupcake Day, making their shopping experience even more delightful.

National Ugly Sweater Day (December 20).

Recommend your most popular accessories in an email, which subscribers can use to uplevel their ugly sweaters. From earrings to seasonal scarves, help them add a touch of style to their festive attire.

Super Saturday (December 21).

Help last-minute shoppers complete their lists by suggesting e-gift cards in an email. Highlight the convenience of instant delivery and the versatility of letting recipients choose their perfect gift.

Boxing Day (December 26).

Invite subscribers to “unwrap” a mystery offer by clicking on the link in an email. Send an SMS alert with a teaser, encouraging them to discover the exclusive deal. Turn seasonal shoppers into repeat purchasers with store credit incentives.

New Year’s Eve (December 31).

Treat subscribers like VIPs with an SMS-exclusive New Year promotion. Include a holiday-themed GIF to immediately catch their attention. Offer special discounts or exclusive products to help them ring in the new year with style.

These campaign ideas aim to engage subscribers during the holiday season, combining festive elements with exclusive offers and impactful initiatives. Customize them based on your brand's identity and the preferences of your target audience.

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