Integrate Simpu with


This allows users to accept customer payments seamlessly through their shared inbox. This integration streamlines the payment process, providing a simple and convenient way for customers to make payments without having to leave the Simpu app.

Mambu enables banks and other financial organizations to create and manage financial products, including loans, deposits, and savings accounts, as well as manage customer relationships and automate processes.

With the Mambu integration on the Simpu platform, users can:

  • Manage payments with ease.

You can streamline the payment process and reduce the time and effort required to complete transactions. This makes it easier for businesses to keep track of payments, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Say yes to simple payments with Simpu.

The platform reduces the time and effort needed to manage transactions, making it easier for businesses to securely process payments efficiently.

  • Manage payments with efficiently.

Securely and efficiently manage payments, reducing the time and effort required to process transactions.

Upgrade your customer experience and streamline your processes with Simpu's Mambu integration. Try it now today.