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Hubspot inbox integration with Simpu enhances productivity by allowing users to easily create, delete deals, and update contacts. This helps you streamline deals and ticket management without leaving Simpu. Simpu provides you with more opportunities for success.

HubSpot is a platform that assists businesses with sales and marketing operations. It serves as a CRM platform that enables businesses to gain insights into their customersā€™ needs and how they can better serve their customers.

  • Get your complete contact info in one place.

With this feature, you can quickly access important information about your contacts, such as your communication history, purchase history, all from within your Simpu inbox.

  • Modify your customer information within the Simpu Inbox.

This makes it easy to update your customer data in one place. This includes details like contact information, deals, and tickets.You can keep your customer information accurate and up-to-date, allowing for improved communication and better customer experiences.

  • Quickly connect deals to contacts.

This helps you manage your sales pipeline more effectively and makes it easier to track and analyze customer data. By keeping all of your customer information in one place, you can easily access the information you need.

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