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Built for expansion: Business hours, reseller program, CSAT ratings and so much more.

Adebukola Ajayi
February 22, 2023

2022 was an exciting year at Simpu and it’s only right we start 2023 with a bang.

We understand the impact poor customer service can have on a business and how losing customers or receiving negative reviews can harm a brand's image. That's why our focus is on empowering businesses to maximize their revenue and potential through their customer support teams. So without further ado, let’s dive into what we’ve built for you over the past month.

Keep your customers informed using Business Hours.

With our “business hours” feature, you can let your customers know when your company is open for business. Easily set your team’s availability and adjust the days to fit your company's schedule. 

Our advanced bot makes managing customer queries outside of office hours a breeze. The bot automatically handles these inquiries, notifying customers with an estimated response time therefore helping you manage their expectations. You can set automatic replies for customers when your team is out of the office, so they know exactly when you will be available online. 

business hours
Get valuable insights with CSAT Reviews - let your customers rate you.

Now, you can gather valuable feedback from your customers after their conversation with your support team has been closed, using the CSAT Reviews feature. Once a support agent closes a conversation, the bot automatically sends a survey link to the customer, asking for their feedback on the support experience.

This enables customer support managers to identify top performers and track the performance of their support agents using CSAT rating reports. With the analytics dashboard, you'll have a clear view of the ratings of each support agent, giving managers an overview of the quality of service provided by their team.

CSAT rating.
Efficiently upgrade your customer experience with our Reseller Program.

Our Reseller Program allows businesses to take their customer experience to the next level. This means you can customize Simpu's platform with your own logos, colors, and branding, making it appear as if it's your own platform. This is perfect for businesses who want to maintain a consistent brand experience for their customers, while also utilizing Simpu's powerful features to manage them in one place. 

One of the greatest benefits of this feature is the ability to fully customize the site link, displaying only your business name. You'll be able to seamlessly manage communication with your customers while using Simpu's platform without any reference to our brand. It's like having your own personal customer engagement platform, tailored to your specific needs.

Easily store additional information about your customers with Custom Fields.

Our contact information feature just got an upgrade! Introducing a new feature called Custom Fields. With this new feature, you can create fields that are specific to your business and customers, making it easier for your support agents to store and update customer information. 

You will no longer be limited to just adding "Gender", now you can store more information about your customers such as their interests, purchasing history, and more. This will enable businesses to have a more detailed understanding of their customers and improve their customer engagement.

custom field
Effortlessly fund your campaigns using Virtual Bank Accounts on Simpu.

Effortlessly fund your marketing campaigns with Simpu's Virtual Bank Accounts. Upon signing up, you are granted access to your own virtual bank account on the platform. This allows for seamless bank transfers directly into the virtual account, eliminating the need for manual approval from Simpu support. 

This feature streamlines the campaign funding process and saves time for businesses. Plus, it provides an easy way to track transactions and keep financial records organized.

campaign credits
Simplify issue management with Jira integration on Simpu.

Efficiently manage customer issues with the Jira Integration. On Simpu, you can now easily create, track, and link issues related to a customer communication within the Simpu platform. 

No need to switch between different tools, you can handle customer issues more efficiently and streamline your team's workflow. Improve productivity by managing customer communication and resolving issues all in one place.

Schedule your Zoom meetings without leaving the Simpu app.

Simplify your scheduling process with our Zoom integration. This feature allows you to easily schedule meetings directly from the Simpu Inbox, eliminating the need to switch between different tools. 

With just one click, you can set up the next call with your customers, making the process more convenient and streamlined. This is a valuable tool for businesses that rely on scheduling meetings with customers, as it helps increase productivity and easily manage meetings.

simpu interation
Simplify your workflow with our Hubspot integration.

Our Hubspot integration is designed to make your work process more efficient. By integrating Hubspot's inbox directly into Simpu, you can now manage your deals, contacts, and tickets all in one place, without the need to switch between platforms. 

This eliminates the need for multiple logins and the hassle of moving back and forth between different tools, saving you time. This will provide more opportunities for success and help you reach your business goals.

Easily handle your customer orders with our Shopify integration.

Simpu simplifies the way you process your customer orders. By connecting your Shopify account to Simpu, you can easily create, cancel, and delete orders as necessary. Plus, you can make changes to your customers' orders directly from your Simpu account. This feature allows you to have more control over your online store, making it more convenient and time-saving. With Simpu, managing your customer orders has never been easier!

What's next?

Simpu has taken customer communication to a different level with its latest features and integrations - business hours, reseller program, and CSAT ratings. All of these features and integrations work together to manage communication, increase productivity, and provide more opportunities for support teams to succeed. With these new updates, businesses can now manage customer communication in a more efficient and organized way.

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Adebukola Ajayi

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